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Vegetation Programming Center

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Systematic programming

Thanks to its ground swath of 2250 km, the Vegetation instrument can cover almost all land masses in the 14 orbital revolutions completed each day. Several areas near to the equator not covered one day will be covered the next day. Above a latitude of 35°, all areas are imaged at least once a day.

The corresponding data are stored onboard in a mass memory and retransmitted to the ground when the Kiruna station is visible.

Vegetation includes 2 independent transmission channels which can simultaneously transmit:

The result is systematic programming called routine programming. The main characteristics of a routine programming are as follows:

Within this area, the image acquisition logic is as follows:

To determine recording limit, we calculate the Land / Sea Ratio over imaging segments of 10 seconds (around 70 km on the ground). This LSR is compared with an adaptable threshold allowing fine control of the recording ranges; we can, for example, alter this threshold to optimize recording of high latitude overlap areas.

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Custom programming

The Vegetation Programming Center (CPV) also manages exceptional programmings intended to meet technological requirements (equipment tests, calibrations and specific imagings for image quality monitoring) and specific programmings over a given geographical area defined by a quadrilateral or a circle; the solar illumination threshold, the LSR and required imaging mode are also specified.

These programmings are managed with a processing priority over the routine programming. This priority is required to obtain optimum management of the mass memory recording capacity. If the memory is insufficient to record the complete programming, the CPV is capable of automatically taking the following measures:

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This animated illustration shows the swath covered by the Vegetation instrument. The scenes are acquired during the day over exposed land and viewing stops when the satellite crosses the oceans. In this example, the viewing begins over Greenland, then starts again over Newfoundland before covering South America.

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Vegetation programming center

The CPV offers the following functions:

It operates according to the two following operational modes:

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